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 Complete Freshwater, Saltwater & Marine Reef Aquariums

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Wall Mount Aquarium
Fish Tanks
Freshwater, Saltwater & Marine Reef Aquariums Nano Desktop Acrylic
Fish Tank Aquariums
Desktop Jellyfish Tank Aquarium

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Freshwater Aquarium Fish
Saltwater & Marine
Reef Fish Pt.I
Saltwater & Marine
Reef Fish Pt.II
Moon Jellyfish &
Other Pet Jellies

Exotic-Aquariums’ product line caters to novice aquarium owners while offering complete aquarium packages sophisticated enough to appeal to more advanced and even expert aquarists.

Buying an off the shelf fish tank and transforming it into a thriving aquatic ecosystem can be quite a daunting task for beginners. Many traditional rectangular aquariums can be purchased as a package, filter, canopy and light included. These are fine for people looking to keep freshwater aquariums. But what if you want a saltwater fish tank or a marine reef aquarium? A saltwater fish tank demands a much higher level of water filtration than freshwater aquarium tanks to keep your fish alive and healthy. Creating and maintaining a miniature coral reef set up calls for specialty marine reef lighting in addition to increased filtration and circulation in your fish tank. While our selection is not huge, we take all the guess work out of establishing a pristine environment for your pet fish. Face it rectangular fish tanks are boring. We offer everything from unique desktop nano tank aquariums to our UniQuarium selection, the perfect solution for aquarium owners who want to set up a marine reef aquarium without all the hassle of all the plumbing, cords and external filtration. Uniquariums come in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes including Bowfront and Semicircular UniQuarium Aquariums.

Exotic-Aquariums realizes that many of our customers are looking to incorporate a fish tank into an area (home, office or work space) that has already been decorated to our customer’s preference. It is very often a matter of squeezing an aquarium into a preexisting design theme. Floor space is often a major concern. Why not consider a wall mount aquarium? Bayshore Aquariums, the Aquavista 500 & Aquavista Panoramic series add a piece of living art to any home or work space and take up virtually no floor space at all. Midwest Tropical’s ultra-modern Aquavision and Aquatower Acrylic Aquariums  give you a floor to ceiling, living master piece while keeping your fish tank’s floor space foot print to a minimum. Our magnificent 60 gallon cylindrical Pearl Aquarium stands an impressive 78” tall while taking up only two feet of floor space. Its classic Romanesque Pillar styling presents a classic design statement unto itself. It is perfectly suite for both freshwater and saltwater fish tank applications and comes complete with a beautiful “museum quality” marine coral reef sculpture for aquarium owners who want the look and feel of a marine reef without the additional expense and routine maintenance.

For you beginners, Exotic-Aquariums has prepared a comprehensive Fish Care and Breeding Guide (for both freshwater & saltwater fish) to help insure your success in the realm of aquarium ownership. Our fish care and breeding guide includes many of the most popular aquarium fish available on the market today. It will guide you through which fish should and should not be housed together in a community tank, water and temperature parameters for a specific species, and whether or not the saltwater fish you want to add to your marine reef tank is reef compatible.

Keeping Pet Jellyfish is the latest craze in the aquarium industry. Not even a decade ago, the thought of a home aquarium jellyfish tank was unheard of. The idea of raising pet jellyfish is so intriguing to us that we have put together a complete jellyfish guide featuring Facts About Jellyfish, Jellyfish Anatomy and Reproduction, Pet Jellyfish, and what Jellyfish Tank Aquarium Systems are currently available on the market.

For many people, just hearing the word jellyfish conjures up images of painful, even deadly jellyfish stings. Still others will immediately cringe at the thought of trying to set up and maintain a saltwater aquarium. Neither of these are cause for concern. 

Facts About Jellyfish: Jellyfish have a much slower metabolism than regular fish do. They do not excrete solid waste. This greatly reduces an aquarium’s bio-load. 
Jellyfish aquariums are no more labor intensive than maintaining a freshwater fish tank.

Currently, moon jellyfish are the only readily available pet jellyfish on the market.  While all jellyfish possess stinging cells, moon jellyfish are zooplankton feeders. Because they feed on near microscopic organisms, moon jellyfish stingers are incapable of penetrating the human skin. They are completely harmless. You can buy Pet Moon Jellyfish online. These Moon Jellies even come with an “Arrive Alive Guarantee.” 

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Aquarium, fish, bubbles For those of you who don’t want an aquarium but are looking for a water feature to compliment your existing décor, Exotic-Aquariums also carries a full line of water features by Midwest Tropical the premier leader in Aquatic Art Design. In addition to their award winning industrial designs, Midwest Tropical manufactures a variety of home and office aquatic art.  An Aquafall Waterfall, Water Panel or Aquapanel may be just the final touch you are looking for to compliment your existing décor.
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Your Designer Aquarium Tank Source.
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Get the Look of a Custom Aquarium without the Price!
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