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About Our Guide

 The Exotic-Aquriums.com Fish Buying Guide is the result of endless hours of investigative research. Bits and pieces of this information can be found scattered on various websites throughout the internet. We have endeavored to compile this information into a cohesive reference guide for fellow fish lovers and aquarist around the world. 

 The Exotic-Aquriums.com Fish Buying Guide is intended for informational purposes only. We do not sale fish. Nor do we express a preference for any retailer or website that does. 

 We here at Exotic-Aquriums.com believe in the free dissemination of information. You have our expressed permission to copy any article, in part or in its entirety, found within this guide for your own personal use. If you wish to post one of our articles on your website please contact us prior to doing so.

 Webmasters, if you wish to trade links with us or you would like to obtain permission to use any of the content contained herein please contact us. We will exchange links on a link for link basis. We will only place your links on our pages after we confirm that you have installed ours. If you simply wish to link to our website as a reference guide prior permission need not be obtained. You are more than welcome to do so.

 We hope you will find this information an invaluable reference source. If you have a friend or relative that is a fellow fish enthusiast, give them a tweet and share this guide with them.

 Legal Disclaimer:

To the best of our knowledge all images contained in our Fish Care & Breeding Guide are copyright free. Most images were obtained on Wikipedia & Photobucket. We do realize that while Photobucket is an image sharing service that does not mean that a member has not posted a copyrighed image in his photo collection. If you have a legitimate legal copyright claim to any image used on this website please contact us and we will remove the image in question immediately.

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