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Bow Front & Round UniQuariums



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 Bow Front UniQuarium Systems
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UniQuarium Bio-Compartments

are Available in your Choice of
Clear                   Black
uniquarium background color uniquarium background color
Light Blue    or    Dark Blue
Build Your Own UniQuarium
      All UniQuarium Systems Feature:
Aluminum Finished Stands & Canopy Sets Give Your
Aquarium Furniture the Timeless Look of Stainless Steel

Bow Front UniQuarium
Premium Lighting Packages
Nova Extreme Pro & AquaticLife

MDF Stand & Canopy Sets
LS & SS Stand Sets in
Flat Black or Aluminum

Oak Veneer Stand & Canopies
Oak Finishes

Add a Venturi Protein Skimmer for Only $75.00
Essential for Saltwater & Marine Reef Use.

Round UniQuariums

 Mezzo UniQuarium
Quadra UniQuarium
Premium Lighting Packages
Premium Lighting Packages
Mezzo & Quadra
MDF Stand & Canopy Sets
LS & SS Stand Sets in
Flat Black or Aluminum
Mezzo & Quadra
Oak Stand & Canopy Sets
Oak Finishes

Lifetime Warranty

Against Leakage

Don't Seattle for an Ordinary Fish Tank.
Experience The UniQuarium Difference!
All UniQuarium Systems
Are Made in the USA

Please Note: All UniQuarium Accessories (Stand & Canopy Sets, Venturi Protein Skimmers and Premium Lighting Packages) are provided as part of a packaged deal for your shopping convenience. They are intended to be purchased as part of an aquarium system. All orders placed without the purchase of an aquarium may be subject to refund at Exotic-Aquariums sole discretion.

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United States is Always Free!

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