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Introducing the World's 1st Desktop Tank Aquarium

Specifically Designed  for Pet Moon Jellyfish!
Pet, moon, jellyfish, desktop, tank, aquarium, fish, saltwater
It was only a matter of time before  someone created and produced a desktop tank aquarium system made specifically for jellyfish.

Wait no more! That time has arrived. Jellyfishart's all new desktop tank aquarium is now in stock and flying off the shelves.  This incredible desktop aquarium features integrated, remote controlled LED lighting with a white base and side panels that glow in the same color as the pet jellyfish inside.

The amazing new desktop tank is so innovative that it won first place at the 2011 Global Pet Expo. It comes complete with everything you need to get your pet jellyfish tank up and running. Just add 
saltwater & jellyfish. And it requires little more maintenance than a typical freshwater aquarium. A simple weekly 20% water change will keep your new pet jellyfish alive and healthy. It's that easy!

What's more, you can even add a clownfish or two, gobies, shrimp, a hermit crab, snails or any other small nonpredatory aquatic creatures in with your pet jellyfish.

JellyfishArt's 7 gallon desktop aquarium measures 18"H x 16"W x 8" deep so your pet moonjellyfish will have plenty of room to grow in their new home.  JellyfishArt even raises their own Pet Moon Jellyfish for Sale so you don't need to take a trip to the ocean and rent a boat to stock your tank!

Pet Jellyfish & the Home Aquarium

 Facts About Jellyfish: The Kreisel Tank Jellyfish Aquarium

Fish keeping dates as far back in antiquity as ancient Sumerian, 2,500 BC. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians all kept fish as pets. The Greek philosopher Aristotle was the first person known to have studied fish (382-322 BC). He documented the characteristics of 115 different species living in the Aegean Sea.  Roman ingenuity allowed for one of the marble walls of a fish tank to be replaced with a glass pane for better viewing in 50 AD. The Chinese began crossbreeding the Prussian carp to create the forerunner of the modern goldfish over 1,000 years ago. In 1369, Chinese Emperor, Hongwu, established the first porcelain company to manufacture porcelain tubs to keep goldfish in. The world’s first public aquarium opened in Regents Park, London in 1853, even before man harnessed electricity. The number of fish kept as pets in the USA is only surpassed by that of cats. There are more fish in American homes than there are dogs. Yet the first jellyfish exhibit ever to be seen by the public opened in Monterey California only twenty years ago. 

biorb fish bowl for jellyfish tank conversion

It is little coincidence that the World’s first jellyfish exhibit only opened two decades ago. Until shortly before then it was thought impossible to keep jellyfish alive in captivity. Jellyfish are one of the most fragile creatures in the aquatic kingdom. Water constitutes 95% of their body mass. Only a thin epithelial membrane stands between them and utter destruction. Even something as seemingly benign as a standard aquarium filter can spell certain death. If sucked into its intake, the jellyfish’s outer membrane will rupture and it will be instantly liquefied.

kreisel moon jellyfish aquarium The ground work for being able to keep jellyfish alive in cavity was first laid in 1969 by German marine biologist, Dr. Wolf Grève. Dr. Grève engineered a totally new concept in aquarium design to help in his efforts to study Artic plankton aboard ship rather than in their natural habitat.  The basic design concept was to sandwich a cylindrical cross-section between two sheets of acrylic. What was revolutionary was the way in which the water circulated inside the tank. Water enters and exits the aquarium through screens at the top of the tank. This sets the water spinning in a slow circular motion. The water circulation acts to keep the fragile life forms away from the sides of the tank and gently tumbles them toward the center. Dr. Grève named his invention the kreisel (German for carousel) because the delicate ctenophores were perpetually suspended in a merry-go-round type motion. Planktonkreisels have become standard equipment onboard oceanographic ships. The photo to the left pictures a variation of an original Kreisel tank from Jelliqaurium. 

See  a Kreisel Jellyfish Aquarium in Action

The advent of public jellyfish exhibits created a ready made market among serious saltwater aficionados. It was only a matter of time before this technological advancement in marine biology advancement sparked the minds and ingenuity of adventurous entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this niche market. And thus was born the first home jellyfish aquarium fish tank.

 About Jellyfish: The Birth of an Industry 

Keeping jellyfish as pets is still in its infancy. You can’t just stroll into a national pet store chain or the closest specialty fish shop and purchase a jellyfish aquarium. Nor can you find jellyfish for sale even at the biggest online fish retail websites. So what good is a jellyfish tank if you can’t even buy jellyfish to go in it?

These are the problems often faced by entrepreneurs looking to market a product that was previously nonexistent. The answer is that you have to become the “end all & do all” of the niche market you are looking to cater to. To the best of are knowledge there are only two companies in the US that have been able to successfully accomplish this.
pet blue jellyfish, W

Jelliquarium, jellyfish, tank, aquarium, logo


24" Mini-Jelliquarium

Jim Stime had ten years in the aquarium business selling Clear-For-Life aquariums in L.A. before entering the jellyfish arena. Jelliquarium.com went live in 2002 and is the longest running website in the US offering jellyfish and jellyfish tanks. The term jelliquarium is a registered trademark.

Jelliquarium offers self-enclosed, freestanding Kreisel style tanks. Kreisel style tanks are not cheap to manufacture and this is reflected in the sales price. But Jelliquariums’s traditional porthole aquarium cabinets are truly a wonder to behold.  

The jelliquarium’s patent pending faceted tank design employs state-of -the-art laminar water flow to keep your jellyfish safely suspended just like the original Kreisel design. Jellyfish cabinets feature a 3-in-1 filtration system utilizing mechanical, chemical, and wet-dry biological filter technology. Dual 1” flexible water flow lines allow for quiet water circulation throughout the cabinet. An optional venturi protein skimmer is available for maximum water clarity. Jelliquarium also offers an  Aqualogic aquarium chillers for cold water jellyfish applications. Aqualogic chillers use only ozone friendly 134A refrigerant. Their cabinets arrive prevented for easy heat expulsion from the chilling unit. 

Jelliquarium cabinets also feature digital thermostat controlled heating and both blue Actinic and white lighting standard on every model. The LCD controller on the digital thermostat provides a constant readout and can be programmed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.  

Cabinet sizes are currently available in the 24” mini-jelliquarium and the full size 32” models. The mini jelliqaurium is available in black.  The 32” cabinet comes in a vast array of finishes from laminate cabinets to a variety of wood finishes to compliment any home or workspace décor. Jelliquarium cabinets are also available in gigantic 48” models. Jelliquaium will also design and install custom in-wall set ups for both commercial applications and private residences.

If you are an avid DYI type with prior experience in saltwater aquarium set up you can also buy just the jelliquarium tank. Tank sizes range from 24-60”. The 24 and 30 inch tanks can be set up for table top use. Serious do-it-your-selfers can build their own custom in-wall jellyfish tank ranging up to 60” in size. The Jelliquarium staff will gladly provide any technical advice necessary for advanced DYI enthusiast. The 24 and 30” jelliquarium tanks make the perfect biosphere for pet moon jellyfish and blue jellies. Larger tanks can accommodate species such as Pacific sea nettles. Find Out More About Pet Jellyfish. 

moon jellyfish aquarium

32" Oak Buccaneer

24 inch moon jellyfish tank

24" DYI Jelliquarium Tank
Jelliquariums offers the largest assortment of jellyfish available for US customers on the internet. This selection is based on availability. Jellyfish are cyclic in nature. Most jellies enter the adult phases of their life in the spring or summer months of whichever hemisphere they are native to. It is highly likely that seasonal availability will become year round as more species start being tank raised.  Find Out More About Jellyfish Lifecycle & Reproduction.

Pet, moon jellyfish, Jellyfish aquaium, Fish Tank

The latest entry into the field of pet jellyfish is 24 year old entrepreneur Alex Andon of JellyfishArt.com. When the Duke University graduate found himself jobless in May 2009 due to economic downsizing of the biotech firm he worked at, Alex decided to put his degree in biology to work for him. The jellyfish exhibit he saw as a child at the Monterey Aquarium led him to believe that keeping jellyfish in home aquariums most be commonplace. It did not take many search queries on Google to find out he was mistaken. The field of pet jellyfish was wide open. Alex immediately started to find out why. It did not take much to find out that keeping jellyfish alive in captivity was trickier than he realized and that the ability to do so was only a few decades old. Armed with this information, he set about create an affordable desktop aquarium for jellyfish.

jellyfish art moon jellyfish tank

Alex realized that he would have to address every aspect of keeping jellyfish in home aquariums from supplying the actual jellyfish to finding a more convenient way of keeping them fed and alive. In the process, he actually ventured out to the bays of California where he captured  his own jellyfish specimens so that he could tank raise moon jellies for his fledgling business venture. He even grew tanks of plankton on his roof top to provide nutrients for his breeding stock and his future customers jellyfish food. As a result, Jellyfish Art now offers  a jellyfish starter kit complete with three moon jellies and enough food to keep them fed for up to six months. 

desktop moon jellyfish bowl

The Original Jellyfish Tank

JellyfishArt’s first desktop Jellyfish Tank Aquarium was entrepreneurial ingenuity at its finest. Alex settled on a fishbowl manufactured by Biorb. The fishbowl’s airflow design was conducive to the special water circulation needs of jellyfish. He took this preexisting product and pieced together a complete saltwater upgrade kit that would convert it into the affordable desktop jellyfish aquarium he was determined to offer the public. The end result was an  8 gallon table top jellyfish aquarium. 

As the owner of Exotic-Aquariums.com, I must say that I am impressed by the level of ingenuity involved in taking a preexisting product and repurposing it for an entirely new niche in the aquarium industry. This is one of those times when you’re left scratching yourself on the head and saying, “Gee, I wished I would have thought of that.”

Alex Andon's 2nd Generation Desktop Jellyfish Tank Aquarium was also a pre-existing product retofitted to become a proper environment for jellyfish.

This was the 9 gallon biUbe. This desktop jellyfish tank aquarium system incorporated the sleek minimalist design that many aquarium home owners are looking for as a statement in modern

The second  generation desktop jellyfish tank  aquarium also incorporated  optional remote control colored LED lighting.  So for the first time you could light your jellyfish tank to look like the beautiful jellyfish exhibits seen in large public aquariums.

But Alex was not done yet...
Pet moon Jellyfish desktop Aquarium tank

New for 2012 from JellyfishArt.com

Pet, moon jellyfish, desktop, tank aquarium

JellyfishArt.com just released the first desktop aquarium designed from the ground up specifically for keeping pet jellyfish. 

This exquisite 7 gallon tabletop tank aquarium comes intergrated with remote controlled LED lighting.  Its base and side panels are manufactured in white to enable the aquarium to fade from one color to the next in total harmony with the jellyfish inside. 

A simple picture does not do this Jellyfish Tank Aquarium justice.  The tank mystically changing colors in unison with the jellyfish in a dimmly lit or dark room is nothing short of mesmerizing. 

This amazing pet jellyfish tank aquarium system measures a whopping 18" high x 16" wide and is 8 inches deep so it will give your pet moon jellyfish plenty of room to grow. And it comes complete with everything you need to keep your new pet jellyfish alive and healthy. Just add Jellyfish & Saltwater!

About Jellyfish: How Hard is to Keep a Jellyfish Tank Clean?

moon jellyfish. pet moon jellies, W

You may find this hard to believe but a jellyfish tank is actually easier to maintain than a standard saltwater aquarium. You can learn how to keep your pet jellyfish alive and healthy in no time at all. Jellyfish have slower metabolisms than fish. You can use a smaller filtration unit and water parameters will still remain well within acceptable tolerances. A 25% water change twice a month is more than sufficient to keep your tank clean. You may occasionally have to remove algae from the walls of your tank but this would need to be done with virtually any tank.

There isn’t even too much reason to be concerned about a jellyfish sting. Of the three most popular jellyfish kept in home aquariums, the moon jellyfish has the most potent sting. A moon jellyfish sting is typically not fatal or even dangerous to humans. Their sting is no more serious than a bee sting. Of course just like a bee sting, everyone reacts differently to a particular animal’s sting. Keep vinegar handy to neutralize the sting area. Vinegar is not a treatment for the sting but it will prevent further nematocysts (stinging cells) from firing.

About Jellyfish: What do you Feed Pet Jellyfish?

All Jellyfish are carnivorous. In the wild, moon jellyfish’s diet consists almost entirely of zooplankton. In a jellyfish tank, there are two different methods for feeding pet moon jellies. The first method uses commercially produced  freeze-dried or frozen plankton products or Instant Brine Shrimp by Ocean Nutrition. In this method the food stable is dissolved in a small amount of aquarium water. The food is then sucked up into a large eye dropper or turkey baster and injected at the base of the jellyfish’s disc for absorption. This is a particularly viable solution in open topped jellyfish tank systems. It is 

pet jellyfish, moon jellyfish. jellies, PB

impractical in a jellyfish aquarium with a smaller tank opening. Here is a video on  Feeding Your Pet Moon Jellyfish using Jellyfish Art's Frozen Jellyfish Food.

Moon jellies nematocysts (stinging cells) do not typically fire with enough pressure to pierce human skin tissue. Never the less, caution should be exercised when feeding your moon jellies with the basting method.

The second method of feeding your pet moon jellies is live brine shrimp. Brine shrimp are available at any fish store that carries saltwater fish. They are cheap to buy and keep well in a refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Many saltwater enthusiasts prefer to raise their own brine shrimp. Brine shrimp are very easy to raise and can be added directly to the jellyfish. With this approach, your moon jellies will catch and ingest their food just like they do in nature. Watch the DYI Brine Shrimp Hatchery Tutorial.

If you provide your jellyfish with sufficient nutrients their mass will grow accordingly until they reach their maximum growth potential. If you need to spend a weekend out of town you can even skip feeding them as long as you feed them a little extra before and after. Larger jellies can be fed ghostshrimp or other inexpensive feeder shrimp.

Facts About Jellyfish: The Jellyfish
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