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Premium Economy Lighting

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Nova extreme aquarium lighting

SlimPaq High Output T-5 lamps offer a quantum leap in lamp performance, nearly doubling the lumen output compared to an ordinary T5, T8 or T12 fluorescent system.

Each Nova Extreme includes two high output T5 SlimPaq lamps and sliding docking mounts.
Actinic T5HO: A super actinic blue lamp emitting light energy required by corals and invertebrates, along with producing a high UV output.

SlimPaq Freshwater T5HO: A bright pinkish hue lamp emits the ideal light energy and spectrum required by freshwater plants for photosynthesis.

SlimPaq 10,000K T5HO: A powerful, penetrating full spectrum lamp replicating sunlight found on living coral reefs. Exceptional high lumen output concentrated between 400-480nm stimulates zooxanthellae production increasing both coral and invertebrate growth.

Deluxe Marine & Coral Reef Lighting
marine reef aquarium lighting
4 Lamp T4 HO Light Fixtures

AquaticLife™ T5 HO fixtures offer 420/460 nm, 700+ nm and Lunar light in one streamlined unit.

  • Timer controls T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar LED's independently
  • Digital timer controls three separate light zones: Fluorescent Lights, HID lamps & Lunar LEDS
  • 10,000k Daylight lighting, 430/460 Actinic Lighting, LED Lunar Lighting
  • German-made specially angled reflector maximizes light by directing it into the aquarium
  • AquaticLife Lighting is ideal for Marine Reef Applications
Nova Extreme & AquaticLife Premium Lighting Packages utilize low heat emitting fluorescent fixtures. They can be flush mounted on top of your UniQuarium for use as a stand-alone hood or to fit under your UniQuarium canopy.

Please Note: Premium Lighting Packages are provided for your shopping convenience. They are intended to be purchased as part of an aquarium package. Lighting packages purchased without an aquarium will be subject to refund.