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&Play Coral Reef Tank Systems 
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red sea max 250
red sea max 250 marine coral reef nano reef tank aquarium
250Liter /66 Gallon Coral Reef Tank

See Red Sea MAX Full Specifications

Experience the MAX Difference.

Red Sea MAX is the most advanced Plug & Play Coral Reef Tank System Available. Red Sea Aquariums were designed & engineered for complete system integration & maximum efficiency. Red Sea takes all the guess work out of creating and maintaining a healthy Coral Reef Ecosystem.

MAX Coral Reef Aquarium Systems
allow even a novice reef enthusiast to focus on the beauty & splendor of a living, thriving coral reef instead of worrying about component suitability & compatibility.

Corals and many other invertebrates require more specific waters condition than those maintained in a typical saltwater tank.  They are far less tolerant of incorrect or fluctuating water parameters.

Red Sea MAX’s fully integrated 4-stage rear-tank filtration & coral specific lighting system will help make even the most finicky small polyp stoney (SPS) corals thrive and grow to their full potential.

MAX Coral Reef Tank Systems come with a complete Coral Reef Starter Kit to get you up & running right!  

Red Sea MAX Coral Reef Tanks Feature;

4-Stage Filtration Rear Tank Filtration

Turbo Air Injection Protein Skimmer

Twin Adjustable Circulation Pumps 

Integrated Thermostat Controlled Heater

Water Cooling Fans

Water Chiller Hook Up Accessory Kit

T-5 & Actinic Linear Lighting

Blue LED Moonlighting

Fan Cooled Hood for Extended Life

Fully Programmable 24 Hour Lighting Timer

Max 3-Stage Hood Accessibility

    Feeding, Aquascaping & Maintenance 

5 Plug Power Receptacle w/ Splash Guard

Waterproof Component Power Control Panel

Single Power Cord  Exit from Aquarium

red sea max 130D
red sea max 130D marine coral reef nano reef tank aquarium
130 Liter / 34 Gallon Coral Reef Tank

130D Nano Cube Reef Tank

See Red Sea MAX Full Specifications

Turn Your Red Sea MAX
Into a Floor Standing Show Piece With Totem Cabinets!

Red Sea MAX custom built totem cabinets were designed to compliment your coral reef tank. Max Cabinets are an exact color match to their aquariums. Modernist style & rounded contours will transform your Max coral reef tank into a stunning, floor standing showpiece.

 Max Cabinets are easy to assemble & are constructed of sturdy materials to furnish a strong & stable base for your Max system. The cabinets feature a removable, multi-position upper self for storing your Max Start Up Kit Products, test kits & whatever else you may need to keep your coral reef flourishing.

Cabinets are designed with sufficient room to accommodate a water chiller unit up to ¼ hp. Cabinets have a large rear opening for easy access to the optional chiller unit and hookups. The MAX 130D & 250 come complete with water chiller hookup kit for fast & easy, kink free installation.

This is Not Just Another Marine Saltwater Tank.
Experience the MAX Coral Reef Difference for Yourself!

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