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Exotic Aquariums  Fish Care & Breeding Guide 

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UniQuarium Pricing

Exotic-Aquariums has marked all UniQuariums below the pricing of AquariumsDirect.com one of the largest Aquarium Retailers Online.  Click on Compare & Save for direct comparison shopping and see your savings for yourself!

Step 1: Choose Your UniQuarium Options

UniQuarium Systems can be purchased with a clear polycarbonate tank opening cover (for use with the matching canopy or a custom lighting system) or an aquarium hood (for stand-alone use). Choose the clear light panel or hood option. Then choose your UniQuarium's background color. Available options are clear (to see through to the bio-compartment), light blue, dark blue or black.

Step 2: UniQuarium Lighting Options

UniQuariums do not come stock with lighting.* This is to avoid unnecessary expenditures for aquarium enthusiasts who require specialty lighting. 

All UniQuariums (with the exception of the 65G Cube) come with a hood option. All hoods can be factory fitted with Clear for Life Light Fixtures at time of purchase. Bulbs are not included.  CLF Light assemblies are T-8 and T-12 compatible.  These are common household fluorescents that can be purchased at any Wal-Mart or home improvement store.  T-8 and T-12 bulbs are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater Fish Only Systems. Heavily planted freshwater aquariums and marine reef set ups require specialty lighting. CLF Light Kits are not compatible with the T-5 or Actinic fluorescents required for marine reef lighting or any other specialty application. UniQuarium hoods are not constructed to be retrofitted with other lighting options. UniQuariums purchased with a hood from a competitor's website will arrive without lighting assemblies. 

*UniQuarium Desktop Models and All-in-One Systems can be equipped with CLF or Coral Life Daylight lighting fixtures (bulb included) at time of purchase. This is an Exotic-Aquariums exclusive. These same models from any other website will not arrive with canopy lighting.

UniQuarium canopies can be easily retrofitted with specialty lighting for more advanced aquarium applications. Acrylic canopies have a 4" clearance. You can purchase your canopy without a lighting package, with CLF Fish Only light fixtures (T8/T12 bulbs not included) or with a Premium Lighting Package. Both Nova Extreme and AquaticLife utilize low heat emitting fluorescent fixtures. They can be flush mounted on top of your UniQuarium for use as a stand-alone hood and will fit under all UniQuarium canopies. See Premium Lighting

Please Note: All Lighting Packages are provided for your shopping convenience. They are intended to be  purchased as part of an aquarium package. Orders placed without the purchase of a UniQuarium System will be subject to refund.

Optional Accessories

Venturi Protein Skimmer

Veturi Protein Skimmers are a must for saltwater tank use. Protein Skimmers remove organic waste from your aquarium. They are essential for optimum saltwater tank clarity and the prolonged health of your fish.  Protein skimmers are not generally considered necessary for freshwater aquarium applications. 

Matching Acrylic Stand & Canopy Sets

You can add an acrylic canopy for a more sophisticated look to your stand-alone aquarium. Or you can add a stand and convert your UniQuarium to a stunning floor standing aquarium.  All UniQuarium Stands are 30 inches tall. All "Build Your Own" UniQuarium stands & canopies are constructed of Premium Grade Acrylic in a gloss black finish.

UniQuarium Heating

Exotic-Aquariums does not carry heaters. Low ticket aquarium accessories run counter productive to a Free Shipping Policy. We understand that you would not be purchasing your UniQuarium through us if you did not want one stop shopping. So we investigated the best Online price for aquarium heaters in your behalf. Petco carries exactly what you need to heat your UniQuarium. UniQuarium bio-compartments are designed with ample room for heating elements. Tanks above 100G will require more than one heating unit. This is standard procedure when accommodating very large systems.


All  UniQuariums under 65g are shipped via FedEx. UniQuariums above 65G & any tank purchased with a matching stand are ship freight items. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. The freight shipping provider will call you to schedule a delivery time. It is your responsibility to be present to be present at time of delivery.