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Wall Mounted Fish Tank Aquariums

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Bayshore Wall Mount Fish Tanks

aquarium, aquariums, fish, tank, tanks, wall, mount, mounted, Bayshore, panoramic, bubble Beautiful Brushed Aluminum Frames
Australian Seascape Background
Multi-Function Submersible Filter
Constructed of 5mm Tempered Safety Glass
Or Bubble Acrylic
Available in a multitude of Shapes & Sizes
Can be Mounted on the Wall Like a Picture
4.5 In Depth Makes These Aquariums Perfect for In-Wall Mounting
Steel  Mounting Brackets
Complete Installation Manual
A Wide Variety of Shapes & Sizes.

Prices Starting at $189.99
Imagine the Possibilties: Watch the Youtube Videos Here
1 Year Old Panoramic Saltwater Aquarium  2 Year Old Panoramic Saltwater Aquarium
Check Out BaysShore Wall Mount Aquariums

AquaVista 500 Wall Mounted Aquariums

Six Gorgeous Backgrounds to Choose From
Interchangeable Classic & Modern Frames
Perfect for Accommodating Your Decor Needs
Specially Designed Overhead Lighting System
Fully Computerized Operating System
LCD Control Panel with Built in Thermostat

Advanced Filtration Unit With Heater
Hangs on the Wall Just Like a Picture Frame
Steel Wall Mount Aquarium Brackets
Easy Installation / Minimal Maintenance
Fish Tank Maintenance Kit Included
Measures 26 X 25 X 4.5 / 6.6 Gallon Capacity

Priced at $329.99

Watch the AquaVista 500 Video
aquarium, aquariums, fish, tank, tanks, wall, mount, mounted, aquavista, 500

Visit AquaVista 500 Wall Mount Fish Tanks

Aquavista Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquariums

aquarium, aquariums, fish, tank, tanks, wall, mount, mounted, aquavista, panoramic The Panoramic Wall Mounted Aquarium has all the Features of the AquaVista 500 Plus
T5 Lighting & a
Co2 Generator for Healthy Plant Life.
Fully Computerized LCD Control Panel
And an Automatic Fish Feeder
No More Remembering to Feed Your Fish!
Acrylic & Aluminum Frame Work
Available in Two Designer Finishes:
Black or Black & Brushed Aluminum
Panoramic 1480: 58.3 X 6 X 23.6  20 Gallons
Panoramic 1780: 70.1 X 6 X 23.6  25 Gallons

 Prices Starting at $1,220

Go To AquaVista Panoramic Wall Aquariums

Don't Settle for an Ordinary Fish Tank. AquaVista & Bayshore Wall Fish Tank Aquariums will Add Living Art to Any Room Without Sacrificing Valuable Floor Space.
Our Wall Mount Aquariums are the Perfect Solution for Those of You Who Want an Aquarium But Don't Have Any Place to Put One.  We are Proud to Carry the Best Selection Wall Mounted Fish Tanks Online. Our Wall Mount Aquarium Systems  are Ideal for Both Freshwater Aquarium & Saltwater Tank Use.

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