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Why are We Here?

The folks here at Exotic-Aquariums.com are all fish lovers. I can remember receiving my first 10 gallon aquarium as a Christmas gift. Years later my mother informed me that she bought it for me as a teaching aid to help me learn the responsibilities that would follow me through into adulthood. Since then, I have done the same thing with my children. It is an absolute sense of fulfillment to see the excitement in their eyes when their fish start scrambling for the dinner they have just fed them.

We are old enough to remember the quaint little boutiques that lined the streets before America became inundated with Super Wal-Marts and Monolithic Mega-Malls; Not that there is anything wrong with the convenience of one stop shopping. But somewhere along the way the heart and soul of the mom and pop stored gave way to corporate mentality.

We are just a single website. As such we purposely set out to recreate the look and feel of a specialty boutique. I often reminisce about strolling from one section of those shops to another wondering what joy and magic awaited me around the next corner.

Exotic-Aquariums.com was designed with just that thought in mind. Most aquarium websites on the Internet bombard you with hundreds of choices and thousands of decisions to make just to buy an aquarium. Ninety percent of their product lines are the typical rectangular fish tanks you will see in just about every home with an aquarium in it. 

We wanted to provide you with something different. We scoured the Internet looking for unique alternatives to the run of the mill fish tank. Then we contacted the manufactures or distributors of the items we were interested in to find out what the wholesale prices were. Then it was back to the Internet to see what these products sold for on other websites.

We discovered that some distributors went by MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). The prices we found online reflected this MAP. Most websites automatically set their price at the lowest allowed amount knowing their competitors can not sale the item for less.

We also soon realized that other suppliers and manufacturers left the price of an item to the complete discretion of their resellers. In these instances it is not at all unusual to find a price fluctuation of as much as $60-100 on lower ticket items. The price discrepancy can climb to hundreds of dollars on bigger ticket items. On “open priced” products we set out to find the lowest available price. Very often we went 10 pages deep on Google looking for that bargain basement price.

There were a few instances where Mega-Online retailers were able to beat our price due to price reductions from the wholesaler based on turn-over volume. But even then we were able to come very close.  Almost all of the products found on our website are the cheapest price you will find Online. Amazon.com can’t come close to our prices. We’ve even beat out Wal-Mart.com.

And then there is Midwest Tropical. This website would not exist if not for the Aquatower Aquarium. I personally spent years drooling over these aquariums wishing I could own one. There were many times when I had the discretionary income to afford one but something else I wanted or needed inevitably took precedence over such a luxury item. I’m pleased to say that there are now two in the office I never envisioned having. If you too have found yourself salivating over these aquariums, GO FOR IT! You only live once.  We are Fellow Fish Lovers who Strive to Bring You Only the Most Unique Aquariums available anywhere. 

Thank You For Your Patronage.

We Would Not be Here Without You!


The Look of Custom Aquariums without the Price.

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